HTC Dual Lens SDK


HTC Dual Lens System Overview

The HTC One (M8) Duo Camera brings high-quality DSLR effects to a smartphone and is the next evolution in smartphone cameras. Duo Camera utilizes a dual lens and sensor configuration coupled to a ‘next-gen’ ISP and CPU. Duo Camera technology mimics the stereoscopic vision capabilities of the human eye. Two independent lenses allow it to detect and calculate the relative distance of subjects in the image. The imaging system then assigns properties to each individual pixel, which allows them to be re-purposed and reprocessed to maximize image quality.

Duo Camera technology produces images previously beyond the reach of smartphone camera systems. For instance, the camera can now accurately emulate the look of high-end lenses and dedicated professional camera systems. It enables “pro look” images with finite shallow depth-of-field control and captivating ‘bokeh’ and focus fall-off, which is particularly effective in portraits.



Secondary camera: captures depth information

• Pixel size 2.0 um
• Sensor size 1/3”
• f/2.0
• 28mm lens

The depth sensor is demonstrated in Gallery features such as UFocus™, Foregrounder, and Dimension Plus™.

With UFocus, the camera automatically captures depth information with every snapped picture. This allows the user to select the object or area of focus after the photo is taken. Additionally, UFocus uses the depth data collected by the dual lens system to allow for professional-looking portraits. With just a tap, a user can easily add an artistic blur effect known as “bokeh” around a subject. One can also refocus on any person or object in a photo.

Foregrounder is designed to emphasize the subject in a photo by de-saturating the image, separating colors, and adding other effects like motion blur. The result is a subject with more presence and expression.

Dimension Plus: The dual lens system allows for a parallax view, enabling the viewer to see photos from different angles, even the sides that are typically not visible, simply by tilting the device.


HTC Dual Lens SDK Preview

With this SDK preview, developers will be able to create new effects and find new innovative uses for the images captured by the HTC One (M8).

The Dual Lens API consists of distributable libraries, sample code projects and JavaDoc API documentation.

This SDK contains classes and interfaces comprising two APIs:

DualLens - support for obtaining and managing a “bokeh” strength map mask for requested strength values.

DimensionPlus - support for the DimensionPlus file format. Includes a DimensionPlusView class for rendering DimensionPlus photos and a DimensionPlusUtility class for exporting images in the DimensionPlus format.

Each API is demonstrated with a corresponding sample code project. The DimensionPlusDemo project does not require a HTC One M8.

See the corresponding links on the left for more details and sample code walkthrough.