Bluetooth Low Energy

HTC BLE API and the Android 4.3 BLE API

Starting with Android 4.3, HTC will be supporting the standard Android 4.3 framework API for BLE. Consequently the HTC BLE API is deprecated and will not be available on devices using the standard Android 4.3 BLE API.

To manage the transition from existing HTC BLE API code to the Android 4.3 BLE API code and review the differences of the APIs we have provided a compatibility sample based on the official Android 4.3 BLE sample. This will also assist those starting with Android 4.3 to also target the installed base of 4.1 and 4.2 devices using the HTC BLE APIs. The following demo, BluetoothLeGattCompat is based on the BluetoothLeGatt sample that is included with the official Android SDK 4.3 samples (intially under legacy folder but now found under the connectivity folder).

BluetoothLeGattCompat Sample (last updated 10/23/13) Download

For reference the following is the non-compat version of the same code targeting only 4.3 and above with the same additions to the original example

BluetoothLeGattExtended Sample (last updated 10/23/13) Download