HTC Dual Lens SDK

HTC Dual Lens SDK Installation

Dual Lens
To download the HTC Dual Lens SDK Preview click below:


After downloading the Dual Lens SDK,

1. If you have previously installed an earlier version please remove that installation.

2. From your IDE create a new project (or import) from an "existing android project" by pointing to the samples folder.

3. Select to copy the projects into your workspace to make changes while keeping the originals.

Make sure to check out the Dual Lens technology and SDK overview at HTC Dual Lens SDK

Release Notes:

5/23/2014 ------ HTC Dual Lens SDK Preview (update 4)
- javadoc refresh, cosmetic fixes - method name corrections
5/16/2014 ------ HTC Dual Lens SDK Preview (update 3)
- added new sample: DimensionPlusGeometryDemo to illustrate Geometry extraction from a DimensionPlus photo
- minor JavaDoc updates, cosmetic fixes (DimensionPlusDemo)

4/8/2014 ------ HTC Dual Lens SDK Preview (update 2)
- DimensionPlusView moved to main package
- ability to subclass DimensionPlusView.DimensionPlusRenderer
and set it in the new method: setupRenderer().
- renamed decodeDimensionPlusFile to loadDimensionPlusFile

4/6/2014 ------ HTC Dual Lens SDK Preview (updated)
- fixed lib dependency issue for earlier M8 rom and null pointer in DimensionPlusUtility

4/4/2014 ------ HTC Dual Lens SDK Preview - initial release