Bluetooth Low Energy

HTC BLE API SDK Add-on Installation

To download the OpenSense BLE API Android SDK Add-On click below:


After downloading the SDK Add-on,

1. If you have previously installed an earlier version please remove that folder from the add-ons folder.

2. Unzip the file and move the folder addon-htc_ble_api-htc-19, into your Android SDK's add-ons folder

3. Restart Eclipse to make sure all your projects can see the new add-on.

4. Import the sample project found in the add-on's samples folder into Eclipse -or- from your project's Properties->Android, select the new add-on as your target.

Release Notes:

12/2013 ------ HTC OpenSense BLE API Addon r3 Android API Level 19, HTC SDK Level 5.*

5/2013 ------ HTC OpenSense BLE API Addon r1 Android API Level 16, HTC SDK Level 4.63

New Add-on: BLE API promoted to OpenSense from previous status as a Partner API